What big teeth you have! The better to eat you with! As kids we where alaways afraid of the big black wolf, now there is Xingu, the Vampirefish!

The mythological Xingu River is located inside the Kayapo Indigenous Land in the Brazilian Amazon. With unique wilderness and ethnical experience, the Xingu offers more than an outstanding fishing trip – it is a journey to a remote and ancient native civilization who still live in harmony with their forest and the Xingu river. Experience their living myths of a spectacular river and jungle fish is possibly the angling adventure of a lifetime. The Xingu basin offers the most prolific multi-species fishery in the Amazon and probably of all freshwater rivers on earth, and the most protected area flows more than 250 km through over 22 million acres of virgin primary Amazon forest protected by the Kayapo indigenous people where the exclusive Xingu Lodge takes place. Xingu is ideal for anglers who want to target payara with a range of techniques and target additional amazing jungle species such as peacock bass, wolffish, bicuda, matrinchas, red tail catfish, and more.