That’s it, in our Northern Hemisphere, fishing season has started! And we’re all getting ready to go! At first were the worm anglers, with a lot of led in order to go deep, that the “Spinners” throwing their metal lures accross the currents and than some of us tried their best streamers, but we’re all waiting for those better days and perfect waters to cast our dries! In the meantime in Chile, it’s smells like the end of the season, roughly another month and it’ll be over. Let’s go check what Rio Paloma looks like!

The Jensens and their fish porn, well it’s not exactly an “arty film” or it hasn’t got the “delicatesse” of Nouvelle Vague. But it’s sometimes what we want and what we need, A good fly fishing film with plenty of trout and shot as if it was a holiday trip, but way better! And we love it!