The trout opening, we’re a bit like kids at Christmas, all excited, when in reality for fly fishermen, it’s still a very complicated time. But the main thing is to find our way back to our favorite rivers and hopefully bend the carbon.

When I came across this video from Emeline and Matt (The Fin Chasers Media), showing their opening in Brittany’s rivers, it brought back lots of memories of that special day. My very first opening in the stream next to my parents’ house, with a rainbow trout. Others in the Arve, with all the guys in the neighborhood, we fished with olives, watching the tip of our rod and hoping it would move, synonymous with a hit. At lunchtime, we’d have a little barbecue by the water. Later, with my brother and/or my grandpa, we’d head for the bottom of the gorge in the early hours of the morning to make sure no one got there before us. Sometimes there was snow, but that was another time, as the old-timers say. It added a touch of magic. One of the most memorable was about ten years ago. Still with my brother, we caught a good dozen trout each, him with natural baits and I on a fly (dry fly too).

Thanks to them for this moment.