Are you taking too much rain in your face and the rivers are suddenly unfishable, or are you going to take advantage of the May bank holidays to give it your all? Either way, you’ve certainly got an hour to curl up in front of your screen and watch this gem from Wild Fly and Tight Loops!

Well, in France we don’t have the Cutthroat, you know that typically American trout that is reddish under the throat, a blood red, hence its name. Well, this wild trout is endangered, like all wild fish everywhere in the world, because mankind always puts its own interests first, rather than taking nature into account, especially what’s going on underwater, because you can’t see it… and we’re not going to bother protecting fish when we can earn money by plundering the planet!

Rest assured, it’s the text above that’s alarmist, the reality is that it’s a great movie and you’re going to have a blast watching it (on the BIG screen)! You’ll go on an expedition to the Great West, and discover how Wild Fly and Tight Loops meet, and above all what motivates and unites them!