A film that is going to allow you to travel the world while laying on your couch! India, Montana, Belize, South Andros and Oregon, true dreams to a fly fisherman! Get comfortable, it’s an hour of different sceneries, an hour of fly fishing adventures!

DRIFT: Adventures from the couch, that’s how we could call that film, your weekend film. Let start on the Deschutes river in Oregon with its fierce steelheads, you can even practice your speycast in your living room if you feel like it! Belize, Permit’s Heaven, there you are in the heat, you’re going to cast you crab the best you can, but at the eend even if it’s a perfect cast, the perfect animation, the fish decides to eat your crab, or not. Now  to heal your sunburns, let’s go to snowy Montana, you better wear a wooly hat and gloves, but for those trout, who cares about the weather, they are so much fun to catch! Than once more you’re going to change your gear and go to Bahamas, South Andros, at the Bang Bang Club! You better know your flies, you’re in the land of the Crazy Charlie ! Than you’ll go in the footsteps of the English when they were in India and caught trout!

All of those fishing trips are your weekend film! Please get comfortable and watch it full screen on something BIG!

Thank you to Confluence Films for allowing us to share this with you.