Trout, Catfish, Seatrout, Perch, Barbel and Pike, Sound like a song…or a restaurant’s menu! It’s Nacho’s playing friends. If you ever go to Spain, try go fish with him, he on ly goes for BIG fish! And for those who are sending us mail saying there are too many Hero Shots in the fly fishing world, we agree, those one are probably the last one we post.

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Le Mouching, fly fishing, welcome

When I first arrived in New York, many years ago, with a little sack the color of a mildewed aquarium as my full set of luggage, I didn’t have even a shadow of a coin in my pocket.

In an attempt to remedy the sad state of affairs, my Hawaiian sweetheart organized an “open studio” for the artists of our loft building in “Hell’s Kitchen”, which is the Manhattan neighborhood where we lived.  During the event a guy came up to me, he was highly impressed and said that he had store next to his movie theater in a little beach town called Sag Harbor far out on Long Island, three hours from New York City; he proposed that we open an art gallery for the summer.Without hesitating we said yes. Read more…


Le mouching, fly fishing, North first streetJunior, everyone in the neighborhood knows and adores Junior. We should mount a statue with flowers for my friend, for his services rendered to the community. Think about it! The incredible number of adolescents in distress that he straightened out, the young druggies or dealers of all sorts, apprentice gangsters and river rats. He taught them to pull themselves together, stand tall and work hard instead of finding themselves in prison; right there, on North First Street: “You dismantle the rotten motor of this Chevrolet and you reassemble it, you do it like this… all nice and clean, like when it left the uterus of it’s mother!” Read more…


Beautiful. simply beautiful, there is nothing to add, there is nothing more beautiful than those sea trouts in those Danish rivers. It just makes you want to go there and be by those rivers with a rod in your hand! More pictures HERE and a book to come. Congrats onas Høholt! 


Brian Elward is a monomaniac half of the year: he’s set on seabass. He hunts them in a fishery that I find absolutely beautiful. Not your savage coast, not the rocks and cliffs of Britanny or New Jersey, but one of the largest industrial harbors of the world. Check these fantastic sights you get while fishing, I find it awesome. Let us join him and hope (and fight for it) that one day, fishing regulations change in Europe, they put an end to this f**king crazy depredation on reproduction zones, kick the asses of the sea’s mass murderers and that the seabass population thrives again. And we’ll have a chance again to get spanked by an angry 30 incher between the blocks.


We are going to party this week-end at La Maison de la Mouche!! We announced the program last week, and now we have only three days to wait to see beautiful gear and talk about fly casting. We see you there? Alright? Perfect!


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Pictures: Antoine Kopff


Join our new Facebook Group, the “MOUCHINX”! Feel free to post whatever you believe is related to the famous Mouching Style! Invite your friends and be part of the party! The only requirement is the desire to enjoy fly fishing! Don’t hesitate to post pictures, every month we’ll choose the best one and the owner will receive a ‘Mouching T shirt”! Let’s start to play!Mouchinx


OK, it is not fly fihsing, but still, it’s a hell of a fishing film and it’s a good way to wake up! You can (MUST) watch the entire filmHERE! Have a  week end !


There are many reasons to run, but one of the best I know is to trot behind a big one that you would lose if you don’t let it troll you around a little. Steaming hot from our buddy Juuso Syrjä‘s editing room, this nice story about friends, a river and one monster slab of a salmon. On a 6wt. After a couple of swims. I say: Rock’n Roll!!!


The 9p#5 Media team (who gave us their little piece of art shot in Ireland this summer) is coming back from the shooting of their last project, the Tuna Project, a movie on fly fishing the Mediterranean sea for that dynamite fish that makes fun of the large majority of rods and reels that dare getting too close to them… And we are truely happy because apparently, things went very well. And truely proud, because we did our best to help them on this project. Pierre and Nico give us their first impressions!


“Hi you Mouching readers!
The 9p # 5 Media team is back from few days filming in the Mediterranean sea with full of images in your head, as well as in your hard drives …. A favorable weather, active fish, and more importantly an outstanding guide Frederick Gori, and truly, this guy, we would highly recommend to you ! We decide to show you in preview some pictures of big fishs to make you wait and “hop up and down” to see our film, which will be done this winter, to warm you up …. So thank you Fred for your accurate tuna approaches, thank to you folks at Costa and T.O.F. Flyfishing for the necessary gear , and thanks a lot the Mouching guys for supporting us, you are truly good ! Now wait … and if the Mouching readers ask us, we can even cook up a film trailer soon, to get you into the swing !”
Pierre & Nico from 9p#5″
Did you hear that? C’mon everybody, alltogether!!! tea-sers!!!! tea-sers!!!! tea-sers!!!!

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