Sunday lunch

Sundays… for a lot of us, Sundays means out to the river since the wee hours with your best friends. For others, Sunday fishing is forbidden and you may not go by the river with a rod in your hands….for some of us, Sunday means Sunday’s lunch! The one where you have all the family coming over and you stuff yourself to death… For some, like the Pike family, it can mean “let’s eat a trout”!

Fifty shades of grey

I just had to make one FSoG joke, peeps. And actually it’s not that much of a joke. Firstly because, as you’ll surely notice, Scandinavian artists are indeed world leading experts at crafting beautiful things out of every perceptible nuance of gtey. And secondly because, almost as much as winter steelhead, seatrout is a quary for the masochists among us.

1000 casts

Step, swing, cast
Step, swing, cast
Step, swing, cast

Just like a self induced transe, hypnotic rythm and a dance with the cold, the winter steelheader’s soul drifts along the river, maybe in search of the fish, maybe in search of that inner limit, that last cast, the one that will send you home maybe broken but not tamed…

North American fishermen are worried. Even legendary waters like the Thompson, which flows through British Columbia, are threatened. Fishermen of the world, UNITE. Those rivers belongs to our kids, we must take care of them. For they too should come to the winter shores to test their mettle and find their truth.

Fly fishing at Filson’s

Jackets, vests, bags, liners, we know Filson for the quality of their products, there are no waders anymore, but their Fly Fishing collection has a lot to offer! FIlson

I never lie

The cruel reality of fly fishing…

The Pescador shirt!

Howler Bros, PescadorYou can fish wearing whatever you want, but you’ll only be a Pescador if you wear the Pescador shirt from Howler Bros! The only shirt that’ll meke you look really cool from rivers to the flats and boogie woogie all night! Not only you’ll look super cool, but you’ll have real pockets to stash your sndwhich, flybox or cigar pouch!

Catch and release

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Today on the web I saw a picture of a famous french angler proudly showing his catch on opening day, in France, we are trying to protect our rivers since we’ve been poaching in them for over 2000 years, they need a little attention and the fish in them need a little love. We are not against picking one fish from time to time but the picture I saw and the list of comments against catch and release that were on that post just made me feel bad how disrespectful of nature some anglers can be. So since we try to practice catch & release the more we can and only take fish when we need to feedourselves, we thought, at Le Mouching that we would use the following film by Fish & Game New Zealand to show you how to treat a fish you want to release. We believe No Kill is the way.

For your eyes only!

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What is the one of the most important thing we carry when we go fishing? SUNGLASSES ! We cannot do anything without them and we want the best for our eyes! All of us have started with shitty ones we bought for a fistful of dollars and we all ended with comfortable serious “pro” sunglasses because our eyes are to important for us not to be treated with the best! And of top of that, isn’t the most imortant for a fly fisherman but to see the fish? So here it is for you : you take top top brands Smith optics for the lenses and Howler Bros for the look and you have on of the best sunglasses you can go fishing with (and more…) Smith Optics brings their top of the range Chromapop and Howler Bros made the best looking bodies…and here’s the Smith X Howler Collection!