Revive Journal Spring 2015

Here’s their latest issue! Revive Fly Fishing Journal, Spring issue, Of cours we love the Cuba trip to San Lazaro, who wouldn’t… but there is so much more, Pyramid Lake and glass with Cameron Mortenson, those enormous trout, pike that are diving you nuts their so addcitve, discovering brittain on the fly, fly tying with our friend Norbert Renaud, art with Ryan Sharpe and last but not least, Fly fishing is rad or how to fish with an attitude! Read it all, now!spring cover

Seatrout Memories

An atmospheric piece, with this kaleidoscopic quality of the memories we cherish, where moments rearrange along lines that come from our hearts and not chronology. The piano is a perfect counterpoint for the images, exploration of a theme, obsessive, meditative, just like when we revive those images we bring back from the shores.

Southern Culture On the Fly #15

This is what we have been waiting for, a taste of fresh water and a feeling of salt on our face! That’s about how I would explain SCOF, 172 pages of bliss, that’ll take you from trout to bonefish, carp to tarpon and pike to permit, with all the in-betweens, meaning: life on it’s own!  You read it and you feel right, you feel this magazine is made for you! SPecially for you. Just dive in, SCOF #15 is a bomb! scof

The flyfish Journal vol. 6 #3

The April issue of the Fly Fish Journal was in the mail yesterday. Fantastic photographic content, especially some amazing work by Damien Brouste. We’re used to see it on a screen, it’s a pleasure to see the pictures printed on luxury paper (FFJ is not joking about this). Very good stories too, I especially liked Culton’s year round striper calendar and Zoby’s brilliant piece . But what I liked best was the Editor’s note by Steve Duda. It’s short but with hi-impact.

Here’s what it says at some point:

“A few years ago, there was a panic of hand wringing and “think pieces” lamenting the end of fly fishing as we know it. Where are the kids? Who’ll carry on our storied traditions? Are we witness to the decline and death of all we love? The arguments were flabby and emotional, and said more about the writers than the real state of the sport.
The panic never really took and today, with the massive influx of youth into our sport, it just looks ridiculous.”

Well, just the right words for a Mouching ear. Get a subscription, the Fly Fish Journal is great for the coffee table, and for particularly nice sunday afternoon reads.


The book of books

Les livres de peche en francaisDid you ever thought about the amount of fishing books that have been written? It’s a real jungle, just check the Amazon page with “Fly fishing books”… so to see clearly in that jungle you have to ask around “which is the best book I should get”? And answers will be different from each person you’ll ask. In France, for once, we are lucky, “There is an App a book for that”! The book of fishing books! It’s in French and the books are mianly french books but it’s fun to have if you are a fishing junky and need all the paraphernalia that goes with it, get it! And anyway you’ll always impress you friends!  Bibliographie des ouvrages de pêche sportive en eau douce.

Matt Jones in Argentina

When we come back from our fishing trips, we usualy bring back hundreds of pictures, good ones or bad ones, then for our friends to watch them, since, for god’s sake, we’re not doing the “evening slideshow” anymore (do you remember how you could be held hostage watching boring pictures all evening with a firend telling you every details of his fishing trip?). Now, when you want to show your friends your fishing pix, you go on flkr, instgrm or fbk and you feed the web with even more pictures! We love Matt Jones, we love his pictures and here’s a nice way of showing us his trip to Patagonia, a sharp selection and an Issuu mag so you can watch them full screen. This is the future and it’s now. Click here to watch, or the picture below.Matt Jones Argentina

Spring Shopping

You don’t know Huckberry yet? First it’s an awesome blog, in many topics but always the kind we find intersting and fun, mainly orientated on the outdoor’s life but once you suscribed it also becomes an online store where you can find a selection (a wise selection) of gear at sale’s price! Check their spring selection for fly fishing! Just sign up.Huckberry

Eat Sleep Fish #40

Woot woot! Now the season has started, you’ve got little time for reading, but the latest issue of Eat Sleep Fish is going to catch your attention and give you a break on you fly fishing frenzy! At least you could see what’s happening in South Africa or in the ROckies or otehr parts of ht eworld. Don’t miss the fly tying section with a lot to learn about pheasant tail, Issue 40 is out, read it! Eat Sleep Fish 40         a