Here’s a new webpage that all of us is going to be checking daily, or at least everytime something is posted! Escapads is an international website about adventure based in France, wether you are a surfer, hiker, skiier, cyclist, trekker, fly fisher, in two words; an outdoor’s man, Escapads is made for you! It has the best of all the good stories from the best dedicated and it as also a store where you can get, simply the best! Chesk it out, you’ll be hooked!

Beulah in Baja

So here’s a Beulah commercial of some sort. Along with a good opportunity to listen to Police at their best (Shadows in the rain, from Zenyatta Mondatta), this otherwise rather uninteresting video demos what is in my view the next big thing in fly fishing: switch and double handed rods and casts are escaping their salmon/steelhead niche, and will take the lead in many other fishing situations. A double hander is a solution to consider every time you need to get your fly far and fast. Landing a streamer at 30m with a double hander is no work at all, that’s a huge plus when you fish the surf for instance.

Shark 2.0: Memories

A couple of shots from our last session of shark hunting. What you miss in action, you get in friendship. The long hours, slow drifting and chuming, waiting, wainting, waiting, are an essential part of the experience. You’d better go with good steady mates. Because sometimes all the waiting may get you nuts.

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Team Rocket

The shark hunt rages. After session 2, the cruel count is: Team Shark: 2, Team Rocket: 0.

It hurts, but we’re nowhere near capitulation. We shall prevail.

team rocket 2

Pêches Sportives, website!

At last the famous French fishing magazine Pêche Sportives has redone its website, much easyer to read, you’ll find different categories, fly fishing, fishing with lures and everything that we need as curious fishermen! Don’t forget that Pêches Sportives is probably the best magazine regarding the protection of our waters, they always fight the long battle of the well being of our rivers and our fish! Go check it out! Pêches


Soon summer holidays will be knocking at your door, be sure to be ready to take the whole family fihsing! Nothing can stop us on our quest for comfort by the waters.

Tricky shots

Just looking at this guy I’ve already lost half a dozen flies. This is why I train, and why I should train more. A nice demo from the guys of the Italian school of casting (they’re Swiss, as a matter of course).

Streamers & browns

Maybe it’s not halfordian good form, but the bang you get from a raging brown hitting on your streamer, that’s really something. I always have a couple of big streamers in my box, just in case the rest doesn’t work. Perfect shots and perfect cuts on this video, Jack Patton does a first class job. Do you feel it, the river and the smells? I do.