All in the pocket: Gerber Dime

The Gerber Dime, It has got everything, it’s small tough and darn usefull, enough to use it at the office at home or while you’re fishing! It’s so small you’ll use it as a key chain if you want, but don’t get me wrong, it’s a real tool, not one of those things you find in the Xmas crakers and you try to give it back as soon as possible. No, this is the right tool you want. even if you’re not in the outside, it’ll make you feel you’re out there!

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Paris Fly Fishing Show

PEES15We got some more tickets for you! Send us an email with PFFS15 in the title at this address, and you’ll be on the guest list! This offer ends wednesday night!

They’re back!!

Bearnishfly is French fly film-making at its very best. They’ve got such a talent to look a everything on the river, water flowing, trees and leaves, meteors, boulders, fish, light, everything talks to their souls, and through the camera, to our heart. I’m so glad to hear from them, and to share it with you. So without further ado, here’s a whisky on the rocks.

Texas salt

Texas is, as Zach Weiner — the Sunday Morning Breakfast Cereal guy — aptly sums up on a tee shirt, is the America of America. It’s also home of magnificent salt water fishing, and here’s a video by Feed’em Flies to prove it. 3”17 worth of amazing pictures, excellent editing, and cool soundtrack. The dope you need to cope with a monday morning.

The Dark Bullet

I’m without a motorized vehicle these days, and it sucks for going fishing. Looking for the next MouchingMobile, I was just stopped by this fantastic retro edition of the 1978 Yamaha XS400. It’s called the Dark Bullet. It’s made by a a couple of Spanish badasses who operate a firm called Macco Motors. They specializes in such classic builds. I can imagine so well riding that bike, the winding road in the Alps I would climb up, a rod in the backpack, to fish some secret spot revealed after too many jacks by my good friend Ed (don’t worry Ed, I’m not going to give it away).

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Manifesto (another)

All right, all right, it’s a commercial. And this “manifesto” thing may be a little parasitic on our friend Cameron Mortensen huge work for the glass revolution (and his Fiberglass Manifesto). But almost everything it says just resonate in my soul, and it’s so well done.

By the way, don’t you find it strange the notion of manifesto has gained such a popularity in the States? Fifteen years ago, the only manifestos you’d heard of would come from the marxist-leninist tradition, or maybe from (marxist) artists. Sign of the times?

Fishing for old folks.

Le mouching, fly fishing, mémé“Hello my little Fleche?… It’s me, your Grandma… Listen my little Fleche… I always read your stories in the Mouching… Yes, I really enjoy them… especially the ones that are a little risque’… yes… very well. Listen, you seem to love it so much that I would like that you teach me how to fish with flies… It sounds like a lot of fun… What?… What’s my age got to do with it? Hold on… let’s be polite my little one… Tomorrow? OK, that will be fine, after my siesta I’ll be at your house!”

Well, my dear readers, I have to tell you that the Grandma in question celebrated her 96th birthday last month and that she ignores such numbers, spits on them and that Solange (that’s her name) continues to act like she was 30 years old. Read more…

Raffle in Florida

What’s a Dan Decibel movie? It’s a thick sauce of rich sounds and cool photography, it’s a sense of rythm and hot music. But the meat is the story, and this time the story’s real good. The guys at Skinny Water Culture had a raffle organized for some charity cause, and Dan with his pal Jason Fernandez decided to donate a couple of fishing days with them. Mark Vedder won, and they let the camera roll to document the trip. I sure would have loved to win this, beats a fancy reel anyday.