Southern Culture On the Fly #17

Woooooohoooo! Yes, woooooohooooo again for this new issue of Southern Culture On the Fly ! Not only do they come with a new issue ful of goodies but they also have a new website. But let’s go back to SCOF #17, what have we get for untertainment? Well, it’s the Keepemdry issue! Hahaha! Southern Culture On the Fly, Le Mouching loves you more than ever!

SCOF #17


This fish is an Obsession…


Keepemwet! We don’t shout it loud enough. KEEPEMWET! I know it’s hard, it’s difficult, we all want to have a hero shot with that big fish we caught, and if I don’t show all of it, and hold it out of the water who’s gonna beleive me! Well, as my wife says about us fishermen It’s a bit like showing your dingdong shouting I’ve got the biggest…there’s a lot of show off there, and we’ve all done it and porobably will do it again, Ho, how we love to pull that fish out of the water. But now we’ll have to think about what we do, how we handle it, we have to be careful, respectful and caring for the fish! We have keep them in the water, and that doesn’t stop us to take a picture with our ENORMOUS fish!  So next time you catch a fish, keepit in the water as much as you can, it won’t stop you from taking an awesome picture. And like us, join Keepemwet! Keepemwet

Early browns

Trout season is barely over in France and we’re already dreaming about the next. It’s a crazy passion we have, don’t you think? Getting lost on an island of the Norwegian coast packed with trouts, a couple of good buddies, enough bacon, coffee and whisky, and here you have my idea of what spring should look like.

Saltdalselva, from underneath

Northern Norway, land of the Trolls, home of the Saltdalselva river. We spend our days by the rivers, what about for once, we go underneath? See what’s going on under the surface?

Howler Bros, fall 15

“The Good Life” that’s what you could say about the Howler Bros films, they show us all we dream of, happy life, easy going, beach, river, surf and fishing what else? Ho, I forgot the BBQ! No matter what you have to watch this film from their Fall collection 2015.

New Simms G3 Guide Jacket

Fall is just around the corner and you want to be dry when the rainy days are going to come in, you want to be dry, comfortable and warm. All of that are Simms promises with their new G3 Guide Jacket, comes in 3 colours and a price tag that says : $449,95

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Adios, San Clemente dam

It’s always more than just a fight for nature’s rights to have a dam removed, so when it happens we really have to shout it out, the San Clemente Dam is down so Californian Steelhead can travel free! We should all fight against dams who get in the way of wild fish, this is a proof, thanks to TU and all the others organizations involved, that it’s not impossible! Please if there is an organization around you (or in your country or even abroad) who’s fighting for letting the way for migratory fish, help them out! Wind turbines can provide as much electriciy as an old dam. Hurray for San Clemente!

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