Here’ comes the second part, for our pleasure!

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Phil had predicted a storm and all we hoped was that he wasn’t wrong. After losing five salmons in a single day, we had a chance of redemption on the next day. The Falls, take two. So after a night of turning over in our beds we climbed in the van with small eyes and great ambitions. We came down the stairs, the water had lowered so much that a new step had appeared. The river was still dark but we had stopped trying to see the salmons. We knew where they were, now we had to get them to react. Phil won the first drop privilege and took place at the beginning of the pool, he made a first cast, then a second. Then we saw he wasn’t wrong.



Summer evenings, when all of a sudden the river is caught in a cloud of flies, when you don’t know anymore where to cast, when there is so much food on the water you have to make the difference so it’s your fly that is going to be eaten. When the air is warm, the gentle breeze carresses the water, just drag a little bit your fly, and it’ll be magical!


There’s a slight nonsensical wiff running along this video, but then salmon fishing is quite an absurd endeavor, and that’s precisely why it is so beautiful.


Pfff… more work… with David Maillard, they forced us to test the Sage Method in 9′#5 and 10′#7!!! Life is so hard, gotta work during holidays, testing amazing rods on the river. We’ll come back with the results in fall!



We’ve all known that, our river invaded by hordes of plastic-mounted, bright colored, loud mouthed retards more or less grown up kids, cutting our drifts with a perfect lack of river manners and no hint of remorse. When they ask me if I had any luck is usually when I start dreaming I’m a german U-Boat torpedoing them down in order to let them ask the fish directly.

Bryson Thomas, on the other hand, looks as if he can’t be bothered. And maybe the american fish is a good boy, but he seems to fare rather well.


For some of you, Solid Advenutres doesn’t mean a thing, others know it’s one of the best fishing travel company with exclusive destinations, but what the major part of people don’t know is that behind Solid Adventures, there is a man, the man who created Loop, the charismatic Christer Sjöberg! Christer has new ideas and projects all the time and the bags are his latest one! Christer being a traveler and an entrepeneur you can be sure that you will get the best!  This is the Destiantion 130 bag, sepcially designed for your fishing trips, every compartment is made to ease you life, and the bottom part is made to receive your precious rods (9ft 4 pieces) and reels. they come at 545$. All specs HERE !

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F3THey! Here’s the page where you are able to watch all the trailers from Fly Fishing Film Tour 14, if you’re lucky enough to have the Film Tour not too far from you, you are going to have a hell of a night! Just GO ! Sorry if your not in the US or in Canada… but you still can watch a few films from teh previous editions here. And just for your pleasure, here’s 320 trailer.


Nowadays you got to go big if you want to make your kid happy… You’ve gotta beat COD or Assassin’s Creed.. The ultimate weapon to beat all that? Ladies and Gentlemen, The Carp! 

Spearhead+Michael Franti : A little Bit Of Riddim


Be careful ladies and gentlemen, it’s bad mood time!!! Norbert says stop, and we do the same. No more fish grip for pike and esox fish!!! it’s a fucking shit!! This short footage has been cleverly thought by Norbert Renaud to clearly deliver his message, that is also the one of many fishermen, like us at Le Mouching, we don’t want to see those things on the water anymore. Deliberately exagerated and accompanied by a lovely song by Simon and Garfunkel just to remind that we are not agressive, but, you know, that would be a good thing to reconsider it… we hope that this short movie will invite many fishermen to do the same, this tool is really not appropriate to handle our freshwater fish. A net is much, much better.