Puma knives are always a must, no matter the size of the blade, no matter the handle, no matter if it’s a pocket knife or a bowie knive, their blades rule! German made, what did you expect? But from all their knives, one caught our eye: the Fishing Knife! So beutiful and slick and weird at the same time. “Fishing” knife doesn’t mean you cannot use it to peal potatoes or cut dry saussage… it has a special blade to clean the fish that can alos be used to descale the fish…which is not very “Catch & Release”… and it has a roman scale that allows you to weight things up to 2 kg! And that’s pretty cool. It gives this pen knife an awesome look and it’s makes it one of the knives you’de like to have, at home.

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Filson strikes again! Are they getting in a race against the Yeti Hopper with the portable coolers? We don’t know. All we know is that this one, The Soft Sided Cooler, looks pretty nefty and although we haven’t tried it yet, we already like it!

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Alexander_Wang_005_1366.1366x2048Le Mouching pro fashion tip of the day. As we all know well since Charles Ritz, streamside elegance is a crucial factor for successful fishing. For the opening in Spring 15, you can’t go wrong with Alexander Wang.


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In the Hotel Lutetia, as on all monday mornings at 6 a.m., we have a staff meeting at the offices of le Mouching. Cyril, rising from his imitation Louis XIV chair, coughed a little, spit and took the floor.

“My dear collaborators, we have a serious situation (he always starts his discourses like that!), the great majority of our readers want articles about equipment, “fishing gear”! Read more…


It’s late and I’m still up even though tomorrow morning the alarm will be cruel, it’s just that I couldn’t let go the new delivey of Revive magazine. The fact is that these guys somehow manage to gather the cream of the cream, in every department: editorial line, writing, pics, even the ads are goods, and I’m usually allergic to that stuff. Go have a look, and make sure you’ve got some time. It’s hard to stop reading.

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This piece is about a lady of the angle. There’s so much calm in what she says, such a gentle yet precise way to word what she has to say. Despite her worldwide recognition for her outstanding abilities as a caster, a fisherwoman and a teacher, what matters most here is rather that powerful familiarity with the simple elements of fly fishing. Guenuine, and fascinating.


You could see that as benign footage about “flyfishing for grayling in Älvdalen, Dalarna.” as the guy says. But not from where I stand. For me, it’s a love poem, it’s direct from the heart of a guy in love, and that reeks with these feelings that may be cheesy all you want, but are the very fuel of poetry. You know what, boys? I’m in love too and I would totally film her like that, and if we are to take the words of the poets for it (that’s Apollinaire in my butcher style translation):

Let us rejoice because director of fire and poets
Love who fills as light
All the solid space between stars and planets…

… love prompted our friend Petter Johansson to write a visual poem in honor of that girl.



And what running line should we use with those RIO Outbound Short shooting heads we talked about yesterday ? There have a lot of running lines today on the market. But one did retain my attention : the RIO Technical Shooting Line. First of all, because it’s low-stretch (thanks to the ConnectCore core). And all of you who know me a little bit know that I’m a little bit monomaniac with those low-stretch flylines when it comes to streamer fishing (for a better detection of the takes and better hook sets). And then, because it has this wide loop that you need to change your head easily (as explained in the previous article). To complete the picture of the perfect running line, the Technical shooting line has a thick and colored 5 meters-long section just before the connection with flyline. This section says « when you have me in your hand, you can shoot ! ». The thicker diameter facilitates the handling of the running line to avoid it to slip through your fingers.

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I’ve used the smallest diameter available (0.026’’), which was the most appropriate to fish with a 7-weight Outbound Short. Basically those running have been made for spey fishing and two-handed rods but there is absolutely no problem to use it with a single-handed rod. I’ve loved its slick coating that offered me awesome casts at impressive distances. What I was also looking for was the ability of this running line to avoid tangles and knots. On this point, I have to say that it has been slightly better than the average running line I’ve used until now, thanks to its sufficient stiffness that avoids the formation of those nasty small loops, and to its slick coating that allows the small knots that did form to untie.

It is a very good mark I want to give to this running, that you will love both with those Outbound Short than with spey shooting heads and two-handed rods.



Rio-Outbound-Short-Mouching-2014-1RIO Outbound Short shooting head baby ! shooting heads for long, fast casts with big flies !! RIO surfes on the success of their famous Outbound Short, that are very popular in the community of the guys who go after predator fishs, and now proposes those tapers as shooting heads alone, without the integrated running line. Why? Because thanks to a running line that has a wide loop at the end, as you can see on many running lines used for spey, you can change your head (and your flyline density) in two minutes, without having to strip down the reel (thanks to a loop connection). And moreover, those shooting heads can be stored in those small wallets and you can easily have three flyline densities with you without having to carry spare reel bobins. This way you both save some space, and money!

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Here’s a treat from our friend Juuso Syrjä. A short piece about the birth of one of those reels we lesser mortals dream about, and some lucky guys actually get to touch, toy with and even fish. This is reel porn, people. You’ve been warned. Le Mouching declines responsibility for what happens to you while watching this.