Le Mouching, fly fishing, N.first streetIn October, in New York, it can still be summer. The leaves of the trees turn red like the cheeks of lady bugs, the girls offer us their tanned legs and when they ride their bikes down Bedford Avenue, one wants to install oneself  on the sidewalk in a chaise long, to comfortably watch them pass.

On one of these magnificent days, Herman, my good Puerto Rican friend,  made me an irresistible proposition.

“OK Fleche… go and get your fishing rod and we’ll head out to Jamaica Bay on the Metro.  I know a spot… and this is a spot where even Junior never tossed in a line.”

You can imagine that I didn’t hesitate and less than 10 minutes later I was waiting at the corner of Bedford Avenue and North First Street with a fly rod under my arm and all of the stuff that goes with it. Read more…


Wonderland! Our friends from Hooké have just released  probably one of the best Xmas gift you’ll have this year: a 20 minutes film on fihsing the Ungava bay! For now, here’s the trailer, but you can book your tickets to see it in full at the International Fly Fishing Film Fest if you are in Northern America, but if you are elsewhere, be patient. In the meantime Enjoy!


Water games from Ravel by Martha Argerich, on a fly fishing film dedicated to nature! That’s a change from drum/bass, hip hop, country, trip hop music that are always sticked to our favorite fishing films. If you really like Ravel, I recommend from pianist Hélène Grimaud, the amazing Adagio assai from Concerto in G Major. It might bring tears to your eyes it is so beautiful.


Marylin MonroeMarilyn Monroe, everytime I go fishing I always dream I am going to go fishing with her. Her beauty was mind blowing. But that’s not all, today, since Xmas is right across the corner, we’ll treet you more than usual. Look at her, and what about that film with Arthur Miller, just that is worth all the fly fishing movies we’ve showed you, doesn’t it makes you want to go fishing for stripped bass in the Hamptons? . ANd if you were looking for a Xmas present idea, why don’t you ask for a dvd of The Misfits


Our friend Norbert Renaud, famous pike fly tyer, is just coming back from Costa Rica. We believe he had some fun…


Here comes Peches Sportives #102, probably the only fishing magazine who really cares about the water the fish are swimming in… This issue is great, it’s giving us all the tips to practice “Street Fishing”, spinning or on the fly! A list of 100 spots in French cities, very useful. If you come over here, bring a rod in your bag!Peches Sportives  102


This is not a big name rod. The blanks are made for my friend, Eric Montaclair. He builds on them rods that are fishing machines. Every fraction of a gram that could be saved has been saved, every flash removed, everything is full functionnal and rigorously as advertised.  It’s an 8’6 rod which has been designed with a Wulff TT WF4F in mind, but will probably work with plenty of other 4wt lines. The action is fast without excess, it’s definitely not a casting machine. It’s meant for fishing. Long leader nymphing. So it will let you cast the leader alone, and then, provided your line to leader is really slim, pull the line through the guides while casting the leader. It’s extremely well balanced. The cork of the grip is a real flor grade, smooth as a baby’s butt. For those of you who read those numbers, the ERN is 4.40 and the AA is 70.

In my hand, this rod means perfection. Here’s how I know. We were going to fish together with Eric, and knowing he’s always cooking new stuff, and being the total geek I am, I asked him if he had something I could try. Sure, he said. Try that. He handed me his own 864, the rod he was going to use. I gave it a wiggle, nodded, and proceded to do a couple of casts. Felt nice, veeeery light, it brought a smile on my face. At that moment fish began to rise and we were fishing. Then something strange happened. Four hours had passed without my giving a single thought to the rod. And for those who know me, that’s not me at all. I dig casting, I dig trying rods to experience them. This one was just invisible: between my eye and the fly, it was just transparent. Seamlessly integrated into my stroke, into my fishing. That day I knew I had to get one of those. Next spring, I know what I’ll have in hand most of the time when there are fish around.

You should get in touch with him, he’s super nice and will tell you everything you want to know about his rods.

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le mouching, fly fishing, nympheas

Traditionally, after the market on saturday morning, I offer myself a cold beer at the “Cafe du Midi”.

That’s where I was, when I saw Alexander.

Because of his resemblance to Philippe Noiret, they’re like two peas in a pod, in the film The Happy Alexander, the villagers call him Happy Alexander. I must admit that my friend is quite a phenomenon. A sort of elegant bum light as a balloon, he’s a cross between a romantic poet and a Bantou witch doctor.

“He talks to plants and he talks to animals!” assure some of the villagers.

“To plants?” demand the incredulous.

“Yes, to plants. Not long ago, one even saw him in the Paiolive woods murmuring something bewildering to a thorn bush!”

Alexander took a seat and installed himself at my table.

“Fleche, my dear friend, I have a question of great importance to ask…”

“Alexander, you know perfectly well that if you were to ask me for the moon, I would go off to get it instantly!”

“Good, I’m assured. Do you still practice fly fishing?” Read more…