In the morning we all loaded into the van. There was this sweet and sour smell of old waders, so we had to drive all windows open. The road from Last Chance to the Firehole was pure bliss… the higher we went the colder it would get… We stopped at Bud Lilly’s in West Yellowstone where we all bought tons of flies and spent too many dollars… As we were driving up to Old Faithfull, the air got colder yet, but we still couldn’t get rid of that wet wader smell… We had a single and lonely tape of Neil Young’s Crazy horse we would listen over and over again.

Captain  Brittany was not taking his eyes off the road, Jeannot was telling stupid jokes, the Notary was telling us how shooting was better then fishing, Jean-Pierre wanted to take pictures of buffalo at close range from a couple of feet away so you could feel the power of the animal, I was dreaming of naked girls in the hot springs….French guys on vacation, what would you expect…?  Then we went fishing in the hot springs of the Firehole, it was magic !

On the way back we had enormous cheesburgers in West Yellowstone. This is precisely when we learned about 9 /11.

[vimeo] Scott Gibney