” Perfect for the angler “… Lost in the southern Andes, is the Lago Strobel aka Jurassic Lake, where more then twenty years ago, trouts were poured in, just to provide food… But this was not taking account of the drive and the harsh weather… so the project was abandonned…but the trouts remained… and ate, and ate and ate again and also as no one was annoying them…fucked like rabbits… So today Jurassic Lake camp is THE place you want to come if you’re into monster trouts… like over 12 pounds… The  Loop camp is comfortable although it’s a camp… but do we really care as long as we are with nice guides, your best buddies and those amazing trouts ! You can book throuhgh Solid Adventures or  Planet Fly Fishing. Thank you Christer.[youtube=http://youtu.be/rUAwwzjD1s0&w=750&h=470&rel=0]

And if you don’t know who Christer Sjöberg is, he’s the creator and owner of Loop . [youtube=http://youtu.be/hdlufFVNwX0&w=750&h=475&rel=0]