At Le Mouching, we take “Opening Day” very seriously. For safety’s sake we practice and exercise so we don’t hurt ourselves on that crazy day. As you can see, we asked our secretaries to come down to the courtyard Le Mouching HQ, to help us build up little more strentgh on our shoulders; always helpful  for casting… ! The mayhem begins this very Saturday, when hurds of fishermen of all kinds will rush to the river, most of them with one and only obsession: bring fish back mama! At Le Mouching, this is not how we do it. I prepare my best pâté, Flèche cooks a fantastic veal’s head, Benoît spends hours in the kitchen to make his secret cake (every year he comes with a new delicious one)… we grab a few bottles, bring some Partagas cigars, a blanket, and we wait…for the first sunny day… so we can go and have fun by the river ! We don’t necessarily fish… if there is a hatch or if we see a fish, of course we’ll go for it… but our primary goal is to be by the river with our friends…Peace.