Now that Le Mouching became world reknown, (we had to extend our office by renting another floor from Hotel Crillon, Paris) we sent our reporter Antoine Kopff in the dark and remote Brittany were with the guide Philippe Dolivet. This is what I found in an enveloppe under my door. Since then, we have no news of Antoine.

Here we are,the school year is nearly over. The two weeks’ holidays at the end of May will take place in Brittany, as nearly every year. But this time, not any more only the small rivers in Finistère or the seaside will see me exerting myself to the most acrobatic casting, my flies are going to travel a little, even here!

At the last show in Paris where the Mouching was, I had the opportunity to meet Philippe Dolivet, an excellent flyfishing guide who soon proposed me several outings.[slideshow]

And so, I didn’t hesitate. I am in that place, I’ll get a lot. We fix an appointment. Philippe, as a specialist, assures me Lake Drennec is perfect at that time, whereas the coast isn’t, as I had asked him for an outing rather expecting flyfishing seabass.

As for pluviometry, the wind, luminosity, in short, all the conditions, he was the “pro”.

And he was right! We had two outings with one of his pals, Charles-Henri, and at each time the fish was there. And what fish! You could really fancy being on a Scottish loch on that 110 hect. lake, which is hardly known, and above all, where so few people come fishing.

The transluscent water is crammed with wonderful trout, plenty of brown trout and rainbow ones brought tiny and which can become impressive as their American sisters, and you could swear they were born in this lake since they have nothing in common with fish from fisheries! Fine fishing with dry flies, wet flies or nymphs are able while wading all around the lake, and you may quickly get crazy when you see hundreds of gobbling an hour, it’s the truth!

Well, we put the rods on the bonnet back just as in the films with salmon fishermen, we come back and say to all our pals that, here, it’s fishing such as we enjoy it.

To let you know, the Mouching’s friend, Philippe Dolivet, has got a website where you will find quite a lot of information, and above all, thanks to it, you’ ll be able to join him for outings, which, to be sure, will be successful, cheerful, in true high spirit.

I say, one last detail, Philippe had a bite, when I was with him, practically each time after shouting “long live the Mouching” (it’s true). It’s your turn to try!