You could tell us “but this has nothing to do with fly fishing! ” and we would answer  “but, everything has to do with fly fihsing !” . Yes everything that is touching us is important, every thing that gets us in a good mood is urgent. So this morning when I listened to this song from Ondatropica, produced by Frente Cumbiero and Quantic I couldn’t resist dancing and as I was jumping around the office, I told myself “I can’t wait for the album to be out so I can listen to it blasting on my way to the river !” because I need happyness, I need joy to be able to give the best I have in me when I’m fishing. The album is out in July. It’s dope ! Old colombian cumbias, re-arranged by the old timers and the new sound of Colombia ! [youtube=]

cadeau: Ondatropica “Tiene Sabor, Tiene Sazon”

Gracias a Bluuuuuundetttttooooooooo !