DEADLINE June 10th to book your ticket !!!

Since two days we just can’t settled down two minutes to breathe ! Our friend Hérlé from Ugly Anglers told us about some remote fishing spots he knows in the Finland’s Lapland with rivers full of coloured trouts and fat graylings, but also with lakes and big pikes ! We thought it could be great to have a Le Mouching group. With only one stop by seaplane we could offer a good discount on the regular price 1900€ (against 2400 normally).

Send us a mail for more informations but we schedule to fish beginning of July, between the 7th and 14th. For the most adventurous and tough guys we could plan to raft down the river for a week.

Let’s meet in Lapland for a unique trout / grayling / pike Grand Slam. For your information the biggest grayling was two feet last year… oulalala !