Happy Easter to everyone, from le Mouching!!!


I don’t know if you’re like me, but traveling in a car bores me; to such a degree that the temptation to crash my car into the first sycamore tree often visits my spirit. I don’t do it, except rarely, for fear of wrecking havoc on one of these magnificent trees.

The only time that I rode in one of these damned cars with pleasure, was when Cyril and I went fishing. And when it’s Cyril who drives, I have the leisure to enjoy the countryside and we pass the time telling stories, the more preposterous, the better.

On that blessed day it was my birthday, it was like a sunday drive in the park heading to a river that Cyril was keeping secret.

As a birthday gift I had received a marvelous book about the life of the celebrated “douanier Rousseau”, a magnificent artist. I wanted to share my enchantment and happiness with my flakey friend as he piloted us. Read more…


There is hope for our French rivers!! In the US, the Boise River watershed has suffered from big fires. And then all the burned stuff was flushed down to the river by big rain… The fishermen were frightened to see what was left down there this year, but the nature finally found its path.

That is true when we leave the nature doing its magic!!! Sign the petition so we can let her do so !!!


The meal had been divine. We might have abused the famous YAMAZAKI, that extraordinary Japanese whisky, for the pupils of my friend Cyril indicated that he was probably inebriated,

however that didn’t stop him from taking the floor.

“My dear Flèche, I know that your possess a staggering erudition and culture, but, do you know there are snakes that regularly escape the cages of their owners and are later discovered in the most bizarre places. Read more…


Lastweek was the release of the book I know Bill Schaadt, one of the most famous flyfisherman in California, and probably also in the US. He is notably one of the main character of the film Rivers of a Lost Coast, probably one of the best film ever made on fly fishing.

This book is an hommage to Bill Schaadt and the great figures of fly fishing in California. An excellent occasion to spend some time with those legends, as if you were there, fishing for huge anadromous fish.


You will fin it here or in San Francisco at Lost Coast Outfitters.


Sunday, in France, we did vote….




Many moons ago (as my Cheyenne friends like to say), I wrote a story in this blog that was absolutely true (more or less), about fishermen on Lake Titicaca (Bolivia) who had taken from those waters an absolutely gorgeous fish that was covered with silvery hair. Read more…


Do you remember Tørt? The ones who forgot about it can refresh their memory HERE. Those young kids just sent us right in the face their new videa as if it was un uppercut!  A film that shows all the gear they sell on their website, and I tell you right now it’s the best promo film we ever watched, look at this guy, he’s cool, he’s relaxed, he fishes graylings in a fantastic river, he wears Tørt gear, he probably reads Le Mouching back home and the music that goes with the film is awesome (Sigurd Julius – Østavind). Better than any shopping tv!


I had been in the river for quite awhile, just beyond the little cascade where I know that a band of fish take their siesta. I had taken a sleeping few and peacefully released them in their bed, without their even waking.

It was then that I saw it, the famous canoe, descending the river. Of course I started grumbling: “Bloody tourists about to wreck my fishing session!”

But as it got closer, when I saw the paddler, I held back all my insults. The reason? I’ll tell you: it isn’t everyday that a girl of such beauty, passes in front of your eyes. Pretty? Not really… enchanting is a little closer to the truth! And then, where the story takes on a little weight, when the canoe slowed down and our eyes met, the goddess smiled at me. Holy crap what a smile… like opium of the purest quality. I was paralyzed. Read more…


It’s Opening Day! To celebrate, take a picture (Mouching Style…) and send it to us HERE, the best ones will win T Shirts and Stickers !