Thanks to tyer Dominic Garnett for sharing a couple of good values for our fall winter 2012 Pike Fly collection !

“My own pike flies probably reflect where I fish, much of the time on smaller rivers and canals where you want something that will cast easily on an 8 weight for the typically smallish but sporty pike.

The “Frost Bite” has a little of everything- some light, some dark, some shimmer and a loud hot spot made of chickabou. The hair wing (usually black bucktail or deer) makes it a slow sinker to present in shallow, weedy water. It works well on bigger waters when the pike are feeding on smaller baitfish.

I also like flies dressed in black for those days when the pike are fussy- I don’t know why, but they just seem to work. The “Black Emperor” is one for a tricky day- and has saved me a dry net a few times now!”

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