More pike fly tiers on Le Mouching and this one is properly amazing ! Thanks to Simon who introduces me to Raymond Noordeneer‘s “OMG” work. This guy is pushing boundaries in the most funky and beautiful ways. Very colourful and fat style like Pat Cohen but also very delicate and sharp. We are very proud to publish his article !

Hello my fly fishing friends,

 I’m Raymond Noordermeer Dutch pike fly fisherman and fly tier living in Delft south-west Holland.

I’ve been asked to fulfil your needs about some pike fly spirit for this fall and upcoming winter.

At the beginning of autumn you can still throw topwaters on them, but when all leaves are gone, so gradually become the lack of interest in poppers, sliders, divers and gurglers.

And when they do hit the fly during this period, there often barely hooked resulting in less caught fish.

Thus in this rainy and windy cold days I start to retrieve my pike flies in midwater by using an intermediate line (shallow water) and sinking line (deep water) because you get far less convincing takes on the surface.

So therefore ‘furry and fluffy’ have my preference during this time of year.

Favorite materials are, bucktail -hollow tie style- Fin racoon and arctic fox -dubbingloop technique to reduce weight- Wool and some synthetic hairs like SF blend or EP ultimate fibers. etc. E-Z body tube in the large sizes -combined with natural materials- Saltwater or any big flashabou -as tail or lateral line-  and now as we speak of it, regarding those tail section.. you could go for a magnum rabbit strip or fin racoon strip, for sure you’ll get a nice movement. Some splayed out feathers will work as well like India or Chinese cock neck and schlappen, combining with a few long micro barb saddle hackle feathers.. you’ll find them in shopping malls now this days, don’t forget your scissors!

Long Ostrich herl feathers are very nice to use as well, love the movement of them, beautiful!

And if you really want to ‘kick some ass’, when nothing seems to work and when its necessary to shook things up.. you can tie in a double mylar bonktail. (you said wha.. ?)

Raymundo will be back with a step by step tutorial on 2nd part. stay tune ! Until then check the spectacular Gurgzilla

Thanks to Simon Graham