Let’s set the scene: The bastard Napoleon, the celebrated Corsican terrorist, occupied Spain (1801 to 1814) and like tremendous red waterfalls, the blood flowed.

The Spanish people revolted and would pay dearly. Francisco Goya, had only his brushes to howl, but his howls would become universal. He set about painting still lifes of an overpowering ferocity; metaphors that would toss all “paintings of war”, painted before or after, into the dust bins of art history. He hasn’t aged one iota, Francisco Goya. Muchas gracias amigo… You are the best!

And now, let’s imagine for a minute that the fisherman, who caught the salmon represented in the masterpiece, had released the fish because he was in “No-kill” waters. The end of the masterpiece! No more masterpiece!

And who would be the real losers?  THE WHOLE WORLD!