After this reference that is the Linekurv, there was not much more space to do better. Nevertheless, CF Design did it : a semi-rigid stripping basket made of high-density foam, that you can take into pieces, and that has the indispensable cones that hold the line in place to avoid the tangles.         texte & photos : Jérome Servonnat

Coming in a small cover, the CF-Design basket is lightweight, and compact. It is very easy to mount it : just put the foam pallet inside the basket, and the cones in the holes. It is very wide, and deep (more than the Linekurv). As for the Linekurv, we used it in very windy conditions and it did prove its efficiency. You easily forget it’s on your hips, and it is such a pleasure to know that you can stock 20m of flyline without wondering if it will go out from the basket full of knots… However, for surf-flyfishing in saltwater or for deep wading, I’d prefer the Linekurv stripping basket that has no hole in the bottom.

Another detail is that it is necessary to push the foam pallet down sometimes to put it back to its place. If you plan to move a lot, tighten up the string holding the foam pallet. One can put down a rod on it, it is sufficiently rigid for this purpose. And finally, there exists a fancy-looking stripping basket !! The CF Design style that we like so much, us flyfishers.

As a summary, a very efficient stripping basket, but lighter than the Linekurv, more compact, more stylish and a little more pricy, but what a pleasure to fish with it !