Waterproof cameras are great, but most of the time, they are not as good as a real DSLR. And the problem with having a real good camera you want to take fishing with you, is that to buy a waterproof case…it’s expensive! And not only it’s expensive, but it is also not very user friendly..and most of those cases are too big and not easy to carry around. Unless you go diving and want to take pictures of the deep blue sea, I would not recommend you get one. What we want, as fly fishermen, is to be able to use a good reflex camera with a waterproof protection that is easy to carry around, light, not too expensive and that allows us to take our camera on a boat, by the river, splash it, put it in the waves, do some underwater shots from time to time. That’s when OUTEX comes in! Wrap you r DSLR in the Outex bag choose the lens cover and viwer you need and you’re all set! You can even get flashlight bag and many other accesories! Guys, let’s go shopping![slideshow]