It’s Sathurday and if you are in Saint Etienne, you can go to the  salon de la pêche à la mouche de St Etienne, you can also, in the same town go to the Rise  festival (lucky ones, you get 2 screenings in St Etienne) but after… after… What are you going to do after? Well it’s easy, it’s Sathurday and you’re going do dance the blues away! You are going to release all the pressure you hosted throughout the week, and once more, thanks to our friends from Paris DJ, who discovered this fantastic song from Les Fréres Smith, kings of groove, palying this Fela’s cover of “Opposite People”, live at Roskilde Festival in Denemark. It’s madness! you are going to raise the volume and listen to it over and over all night long, dancing like a sexy beast! Dedicated to our Danish Le Mouching ambassador Peter Christensen,and to  Thierry Millot, Le Mouching’s consul Auvergne ! DOWNLOAD