Iceland july 2013. In this unreal mysterious and magic country where nights doesn’t exist in july, the fly fisherman stares at those wide dry lavas plains and he is fed by such majesty.


Clouds and glacier on the back, those grey pictures of strong rivers in which silver salmons catch colorful flies, we all have seen them when it comes to speak about Iceland. A lunar land without any trees where the wind blows and where superstars from last century like Lee Marvin or Frank Sinatra came to fish on their own private rivers. Myths and legends of Iceland, a fishing paradise at the door of the Artic I was burning to discover.

Thanks to Yvon an Iceland fanatic since 30 years and his friend Gummi, I had the privilege to fish for trout and salmon during a week in this cold summer of July 2013 where temperature rarely went over 60°F. We used sometimes the Hitch pattern, a fly you make sliding on top of the running water, the most exciting technique when the salmon hits the lure in an explosive splash !