It was at the end of the meal while we were savoring a marvelous  Raspberry liqueur that little Elsa captured our attention with these words: “During my last visit to Thailand I was surprised by the impressive number of back rooms where merchants proposed to potential clients (tourists for the most part) that they plunge their feet into a tank filled with little fish whose thankless task it is to clean the extremities of various unsightly and uncomfortable dead skin. And today I notice that here in the Paris, these kinds of establishments are all the rage and are proliferating like an epidemic of Mad Cow disease!”

That was when it seemed propitious to add my grain of salt:”Yes, my dear little Elsa, all of that is true but you have to admit that it is of a distressing banality.

We at le Mouching are, I assure you, light years in advance on this somewhat primitive practice.  In fact as I speak we are opening, in the heart of Paris, a fresh water pool inhabited by a family of very large carp. You might ask why we are doing that; the response is of an evident and remarkable simplicity.

Surely you have noticed that these charming fish have a mouth, especially the lips, that is a pink, mauveish color with a troubling resemblance to the inflatable dolls of our grandfathers, well that gave us a marvelous idea. You have only to dive into the pool naked as a jaybird and instantaneously the carp, probably taking your penis for a worm arrive to greedily suck on it. What more wonderful blow-job than this innocent activity?”

Before I was even finished with my dissertation little Elsa hit the roof: “Voila, once again, another example of masculine egotism. Everything conceived for men while for the women desirous of exotic pleasure: zero, zilch, nada!”

“My dear Elsa” I replied, “you are greatly mistaken. You must know that at le Mouching we are manifestly concerned with the sexual pleasure of women.  And to that effect, for our delicious friends of the weaker sex, we have at their disposal another pool filled with eels of the MV family, which in scientific language means “massagevibration” and you can believe me when I say that the giggles, the little cries of ecstasy and the orgiastic sighs can be heard in the farthest suburbs!”

“Well in that case my dear Fleche, without hesitation I affirm that

above and beyond the Thais, le Mouching is lengths ahead (as said the newlywed!).”

“That goes without saying my dear child!”