Some grumpy ones will tell us “This film has nothing to do with fly fishing”  to which we will respond: at Le Mouching we only like what gives us a thrill, what brings us pleasure or tears, what brings an emotion to our heart, what gives us goose pimples, what surprises us. As we often say, Le Mouching is not a fly fishing website, it’s much more than that. Fly fishing is not happening on a computer, fly fishing is by the water. Here all we do is showing you all the things we would talk about on a road trip to the waters. We talk about all the things we love, books, art, music, food, our wives, our families, our friends, the films we saw, the fishing trips we dream of. And we try to reproduce those imaginary talks on Le Mouching, like a bridge to happiness. That film about Brooklyn has nothing to do with fly fishing, but yet we find it beautiful and if I hadn’t met Flechemuller who lives in Brooklyn most of the time, Le Mouching would not exist, so it’s a tribute to our friendship. With all the love we have for you, dear readers, we wish we can still make you dream and give you what we beleive is the best, and not only about fly fishing. Thank you for being so many to read us every day, we love you so much! And as Vilmo would say, Peace and robustness! In the meantime we hope you like that film.[vimeo] Music : Archnemesis