When Filson decides to promote themselves, they go big! Filson, in every mind they go back to the Klondike gold rush, I bet you even Jack London was wearing Filson. Filson, the American brand! You cannot go West without having at least one Filson item! But with the years, they had to go further West and made a lot of their goods in “the” East… and the company was not going that well. So they decided to focus on their “Made in the USA” gear, and it worked! They did collections with Levi’s, Sebago…and their film campaign is based on “the Western way of life” for that matter they hired  Finback Films and they were right  because their films are awesome, (remember that film?).  Filson has made fly fishing accessories as well as their huning gear, but their fishing gear, was a bit old school, not very “sexy” or practical, a little heavy and most of all expensive. But now the look they have and the improvement they made with the quality made them one of a kind! A kind you like because it’s nice, strong and “Western style”! So once again they’ve asked Finback to help them and they made this film on Burkheimer, the rod builder, a film that represents the spirit of freedom, outdoors and american way! Watch it, it’s beautiful! [vimeo https://vimeo.com/89153666]