Here’s to make jump out of bed and contorse yourself and shake your hips in a syncopated way, dancing to the uncanny rythm Gloria Isabel. You’re not home anymore, your soul belongs to the tropical sauce and you are now  King of Tarpon, Prince of Bonefish, Gentleman of the Permit, everything is possible for you, you are driven by the Sauce and nothing will stop you, you’ll dance all day and all night, the only way to stop is when a hand will gently take you to bed. You’ll be rolled in the peculiar fragrance fot he tropics, a smell of cigar, rhum, mango, cinamon and ginger. You’ll be powerless, you’ll have no memories of what happened next, just the taste of the skin. You can download this mix from Quantic from Soundcloud de Discoteca-3 and paste the address here. Otherwise if you only want to listen to it, here’s the way! Thanx to Quantic for this Four hours mixtape!!