I thought : March is not that far ahead, we should do a series for those of us who are filling the fly boxes of the opening.

Peute is an old French rural idiom. It means ugly. This thing is one of the best known classics in French fly-tying. Holistic and impressionnist in its design, it does not aim at reproducing anything specific, but rather looks generally yummy to our scaly friends. It was invented by Henri Bresson a pioneer of the sport. The Peute has caught more fish in France than most other patterns, and it’s a must have in the season’s opening box. Here’s an interesting variant by David Seguin, with a body in yellow quill and an underwing in cdc.

A little tip : like many others, I think it’s better to find a feather of proper size for the wing because cutting it damages its behavior.[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQHH9qfgLDQ]