The Sage EVOKE. We ‘re not talking about small fish here, this reel is made for big fish, whether it’s salt water species or steelhead /salmon / big trout (see specs on the website). This reel is light, built in aluminium, It’s an “open” reel, so you can use the palm of your hands to slow down the fish (people who have only been fishing with new generation reels won’t know what I’m talking about…) and if you’ve never done it, it’s a good way to use the exact drag you want, but it needs a little practice (and a few lost fish). If you don’t palm, you can always use the drag knob which is big enough to be handled with gloves and has 39 cranks. The drag is sealed, so don’t be afraid of salt and sand. All you need now is a serious fish at the end of your line ! Whatch out when you buy it, it comes for Right OR Left handers…. Prices range from $575 to $595, not cheap but, hey, this is a serious piece of mechanics supposed to fish with you for many, many years… There are other colors, but we like the “red” one.