Every year it’s the same, every year when the first rays of sun start to warm us at the end of winter, it becomes an obsession, I want to go to Slovenia!

Slovenia is for me like the best fishing holidays, and I mean holidays because every time I go I feel at home, I feel that I belong there, I feel the rivers know me and I know them. Usualy I take a cheap flight to Venise, there’s hundreds of them, then I rent a car and 1:30 hour later I’m in Kobarid, at my favorite place Hotel H’vala (its clean, anglers friendly, there is a wader’s room, and most of all it’s confortable, the food is amazing, and you’re never more than half an hour drive from the best fishing spots from many rivers, the Soća, of course, but also the Idrija (one of my favorite) the Baća, Tolminka, Nadiza, Trebuščica, enough to allow you to fish in any situation regarding the weather and the water conditions. I don’t know what you are up to, but I’m going to try to go for opening week, I’ll feel you in.

The other main reason we’re all going to Slovenia, beside the hotel the food, the beauty of the landscapes and the crazy fish, is that we have the best guides to help us spend the best time ever (all of them speaking english) ! Speak to Planet Fly Fishing, they know the place very well.