Here we say le “Tarr” without saying the “N”, it makes the river more friendly, like a person, we respect him (Le Tarn is a He) because he brings us life with all the water he carries in our dry country but also we respect and fear him when he gets angry and brings too much water. From it’s spring, up in Lozére, to Le Pont de Monvert, he’s a gentle lively stream, than he becomes this strong river who opens in the famous canyon “les Gorges du Tarn“, than arriving after at Millau, Aveyron, he slows then and becomes majestuous, land of pikes, large mouth and other white fish up to the river Garonne.  But the Tarn we see here is the one from my childhood, where I grew up, he gave me my first fish as a kid, then my first trout, my first adventures as a teenager, when from Millau we would drive up it’s “Gorges” (canyon) to St Enimie,  where we would canoe down, stopping only to fish, and climb the cliffs. Teenage memories of village parties in the summer when we would go to the balls and chat up the girls from the campings… Tarn I love you so much! Thank you Pascal Gaubert, for making this film. [vimeo]