So, Gil Rowley took a couple of buddies, none of which knew anything about the fly, for a fishing trip, And to make it even more fun, they decided to go hunting for Mako shark. Well, it may sound a crazy idea, and actually it is. But they are in California, so they could try their luck with one of the best guides there is for shark on the fly: captain Mark Martin of And what happens when you hire a real pro is that suddenly things go your way. So the implausible happens, and a complete beginner casts a huge fly on a 12wt, in the face of an angry mako. He’s in for a ride.

And that speaks directly to our Mouching hearts. Because next week, Cyril will hopefully put a good bend in our Flatsman 12wt with the blacktips of the Bahamas. And a week later, the very same rod, if the fish gods are with us, will be put it to another kind of test, with the porbeagles of Normandy’s coast. Stay tuned, the Mouching is on a mission.