Hundreds, what am I saying, thousands, tens of thousands of tourists are invading Catalan beaches every summer, and very few know that there is a prime “no kill” stretch on river Ter, just 10km West of Girona, capital of Ampordan. That makes it easy since this makes fishing around and hour drive from any beach North of Barcelona… The locals don’t like so much that we talk about that beat, but, it’s old news, this river is known to be the place to go for over a decade now. The main reason? It’s right below a dam and the local orchards need water therefore there is always fresh water coming down! I was there last week with my friend Marc Vande Vliet who came down from his Pyrenees, to fish with me, along was Ekaitz, from Girona and Lutz a german fisherman from Frankfort. The weather was stormy and a lot of rain had already tainted the river, but still, numerous trout were feeding, and Lutz managed to catch over 37 of them before dusk! Than it was time to go for the big ones, the ones that only feed in the evening, but we didn’t get much luck this time, oh, they were out feed ing on dries, but it was already night time and we could only tell ourselves, we’ll come back some other time or tornarem un altra vagada in Catalan!