Nikon is coming up with a new serie of camera, not full frame but good enough to catch you attention, the DL serie, they are compact cameras we should write compact pro cameras. 3 of them with the same 1inch sensor which is a bomb, and then 3 diffrent cameras, ech dedicated to a specific use.  They all have wifi, they all have the 4K and shoot up to 60 fps and have an autofocus that will make your old camera, dated. We already love those cameras and cannot wait to put our hands on them.

 Two of them have cought our attention, the third one DL 24-500 being too big for us.

The DL 18-50 which could be our favorite with it’s amazing lens, (18-50mm eq 24X36) opening at f:1.8a t maximum aperture. This camera would be the one we would have bought, it’s extra wide angle allows close ups and landscape pictures, perfect for us. But has no flash, which we

The DL 24-85 has a more common lens size, although it’s also opening f:1.8 max, and 24 to 85, (24X36 eq)! And it has a flash which can be helpful. All the specs on the Nikon website. nikon-dl-24-85