Have you ever dreamed to be fishing in Pike’s heaven (on a previous trip on awhat was supposed to be a difficult day a friend caught over 130 pikes!)? To slide slowly on a boat and cast to the grass where big pike is waiting for you? Ha… I’m sure you’re going to tell us, I’ve got that in my backyard,  but here, it’s a whole other adventure we’re talking about, we’re talking about going to tt and the amazing Delta of the Volga river, yes the same one you can fihs enormous catfish, aspe, walleye and perch, but you will be going for pike! How exotic is that? All you need is a passport, a couple of rods, some streamers and gear to tie some more and there you go! You’ll have nothing to worry about, you’re staying on a comfortable barge where food is…awesome and so is the fishing! There are two seats available from the 2 to the 9h of May, be quick! All inquieries HERE, and while you’re at it, you can check all DHD Laika destinations there!