The best of two worldsn only for your eyes, this is how you could discribe Scale Magazine, but with a twist, something cray that makes us love them even more! So here’s #20 with it’s roll of topics and subjects that are jaw dropping! Let’s take Peter Perch, for instance with his drawings, that are stinging like if you were crossing a field of nettles wearing shorts! Or Taimen, lenok or salmon from the other side of the Pacific ocean! Lets say you could also sweat in Trinidad & Tobago but not with their famous carnival but fishing for bones and poons! Than you’ll love that film from Luis Meana on those spanish barbels. What will also catch your eyes are thhose amazing pictures for the months of March April and May in  Scale’s calendar, should it give you enough time to be ready to go to India for Mahseer? Oh, you’nre not keen on Indiand hot curry and you prefer the good old Welch rarebit stay in good old europe and go to Wales see what’s under the water, David Miller pictures are something else! But than there is also the article on industrial fishing for sharks… that sure will make you think twice before you eat some, that’s why you’ll learn how to cook proper fish! You think we’re done? Wrong! WHat about salmon fishin gon the river Spey? Fancy a wee cup of whisky? Well don’t expect me to tell you everything there is in this new issue! I’ve got Scale to read! And so should you! (be patient, there are 286 pages to load.)