Here it comes! The one you’ve been waiting for all summer, the Tail mag issue #25, the emag dedicated to salt water fly fishing, but just for your information, this one, you can also read it out on the deck without having to bring your device, you can flip the pages if you want because the major news is that you can order it on paper! But here it is for your screens, (you’ll have to log in a pay a little fee, but hey, what wouldn’t we do to have our dosis?

What’s inside?

The Gear Guide: Xmas is almost here!tailguide

Inside the box: delish!tail-3


The Murder Cucumber: Sweden and pikes!


Seeing on the Flats: not only tropical flatstail7

Bonefish Prey III: Belizetail5

Beauty and the beast: lion fish.TAIL-9


The First one: Tarpontail-8

The passion Permit (title says it all)tail6


Fly Tying :Legstatic minnowTail 1


Now once you’ll have read all that, you’ll be craving for issue #26!!!