Hou lala… What an issue we have here!  This Is Fly #59cubaFirst of all let’s have a dance to celebrate this fantastic paper by our freind Stephan Dombaj on Cuba.. It’s a good and a bad news. The good news is that we are honored that our friend Stephan, fantastic photographer and excellent fly fisher gives us the most about Cuba he knows and loves so much. That the Queens garden’s are still a fantastic fishery. The bad news, and we are  sorry if you feel offended, is that the ones who run the fisheries have understood that thousands of american anglers are about to com efish the island and that the prices have increased from 30 up to 50%! Which for a lot of anglers is a NO GO to Cuba! But this also stand for everything on the island, not only fly fishing, the best beaches have been “bought” by major hotel resorts and it’s probably the end of what we all have known as the pearl of the Caribbean. And unfortunatly we know that mass turism has never been what we like, and destroys a country instead of helping it… but the island isn’t invaded yet!

Let’s go back to This Is Fly, after Cuba, there is the gear review, with everything you want ot have for Chritmas!

Than the portrait of a fine fly tyer: Dave Student.dave-student

And what about going fishing and cycling with Brian Ohlen? bike-fish

Than Tabasco, hot as a hot pepper sauce by the famous R.A. Beattie ! tabasco

And it goes on with single handed rods skating bombers which drive fish crazy with Dillon Renton! single-hander

Philippe Clark, graphist, art director and sportsman enough to show you the beauty of art direction and graphic design.p-clark

Chris Wood and Trout Ulimited with a major concern for all american anglers; Public Land.capture-decran-2016-10-27-a-09-41

Amazing portfoliio by Timing Tides. Wath out your eyes!timing

Bull trout of the river Pitt with Stuart Davis.pittbulls

And to end with Boulder Anonymous by Christiian Pretorius. boulder

That’s all folks! All you have to do now, is wait in tears for the next issue!