I remember when I was a kid, my mother who was an archeologist use to take me to her diggs in Greece. We always went driving there, a real adventure. I was about 10 years old when we would always stop in the moutains in Northern Greece and I would catch some trout with a bamboo stick and worms or live insects (forgive me I was young). I remenber the water was cold and although the days were hot, there was still some snow on the moutains, I remember wild trout in crystal clear waters. That was long, long ago. But today, as I had nothing to put up on Le Mouching, I remembered Greece and I thought, hey, maybe that’s a good place to go fly fishing, it’s close to Macedonia, and I know there are some trout! Exotic fishing in perspective! I’d love to go back, I’m already looking for hints on the web, I am driven by my memories, fun, good food, lovely people and wild rivers. Why not going this june? Anyone know s anything? I’ve found that: Fly fishing in Greece.