opinel-rthvallier-216In France, as kids we all had one, it’s the ultimate gift for a boy, the famous Opinel #9, with its safety ring, its rusty blade and its wooden handle made out of beech. Now the blade doesn’t rust anymore and the handle comes in different types of woods and colours. But we are not going to talk about this pocket knife everyone has, no we are going to talk about a model that is so elegant you have to have it, I’m talking about the Opinel #125 table knife  in colour “pepper”! Look at it, it’s just perfect and beautiful, it holds perfectly in your hand and the stainless sndvik blade cuts like a razor, the handle is made of french hornbeam and looks great in that dark “pepper” colour, but there are others you can pick from! So for aroind 10$ a knife, get the whole table set!