“Over there” where everything seems to be perfect, where the Alps rise to the skies, where every castle hosts a Sleeping Beauty, where rivers are filled with trout and grayling, it’s Austria, where there is a river called Salza, where Adrien just came back from.20170526_151005

It’s been a few days since I’m back. Back at the office and all I have in mind is the week I just spent in Austria, by the Salza river

I got close to heaven! Ten kilometers of private river, only for us! We could not beleive how many insects there was and how the fish was active. We such a good time.DSCN6547

In a breathtaking landscape the river with it’s very special green colour is filled with trout and grayling, I caught my biggest european grayling, 53cm ! The place we stayed in was comfortable, friendly and the food was good, which for French flyfhermen like us is very important! I fished mainly on dry, b ut caught quite a lot of fish on nymph too. 20170520_175529

Back home I have but one single track mind, go back as soon as I can, probably in October. In the meantime my head is filled with those fish from the Salza river. Tight lines.

Adrien, DHD Laika.