Last June we were shooting a film in Aubrac Mounts for hunting and fishing French tv Seasons, our friend Atsushi Hasegawa joined us, we danced under the moon and drank a whole barrel of whisky to celebrate. We fsihed little black trout under a sky as dark as a Philisitine soul, but we were happy.  Atsushi tald us about fly fishing in Japan, he talked about the love he has for their trout the Yamame, very similar to the one we have in Aubrac. Today I found that film shot in Japan by Miyagi, Yamame trout are bigger than expected, the ambiant is almost surreal. Atsushi, comme back to fish with us on Aubrac, the weather got warmer, and we have famous aligot  waiting for you! You’ll tell us again about Japan, your Japan and the beauty of the Yamame trout.