I’m a gear fanatic . I love buying the latest gadgets that  are often useless or that on the contrary, are of absolutely vital use! Fly boxes are more than vital. They contain our most precious jewels (once by the water). They have to be adapted to all situations: to be small and large, beautiful and well-stocked, easy to use … We do not suspect it right away, but it is one of the objects that matters to us more !


So when I discovered the Ripplebox, I thought that was a whole new kind of flybox! No more flat slotted foams. Here, it is a silicone insert that allows you to store your  flies. But, that’s where it gets cool, here you can store any flies with any flies. Small and large. And it’s all made in England, please!


This box makes it possible to store flies more simply and especially to change very quickly. The box allows up to 120 flies. For some people, it must at least be that! You manage the spacing, the organization. 12 lengths allow you to accommodate your entire collection.


James and Josh now need you! Their project is on Kickstarter. You can finance them with very interesting levels! It’s your turn!

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