We all dream about a camper that can take us where we want, fast, comfortable and big, but not too big, not big as an RV, I mean. That’s when the Volkswagen California XXL comes in the picture! Figure out all the comfortness you are going to have for your fishing trips, and the nice and comfy nights looking at the stars, not mentioning the meals you are going to cook after driving 12 hours that would haave felt as 5! Ok it’s only a project, but it seems that you will be able to get it pretty soon! The only downside is the butt, it’s too big and ugly, but that may change when they’ll make the final  van. Oh, btw, even if we are not very found of the yellow and the inside colours (there are other ones to come) not only you can cook on a double gaz burner, there is a big fridge a coffee machine (yes!) and plenty of room and secret hatches, not a single square inch is lost. We don’t know about the Sound machine, though. And last but not least, you can poop in the real toilet and have a nice warm shower after!

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