Lord how do I love thos films of trout spawning, I always find them so beautiful! Alain Gaudiau’s ones are amazing, he always finds fish having sex in gin clear water. And that’s what is about, having sex, isn’t it? But honestly, did you listen to the soundtrack? Everytime I listen to films with that aweful fake classical music, I get sick, especially if it’s a film about fish a having sex, would you listen to that crap music if you were having sex? Certainly not! So I always think of different musics I could listen to while watching these films. Of course there is all the Motown love sounds, or the Italian disco that was the soundtrack of all X rated films in the 80’s. But I thought that today, looking at that couple of trout, Serge Gainsbourg Love on the Beat was mandatory! I rembered being at that concert with my girlfreind and we danced almost like those fish! What a hot night it was! Turn the volume up!