I love Tarpon, the first time I saw one, I was a newbie in saltwater fly fishing, it was in Cuba 20 years ago. I saw that fish coming to me, I was terrified, the guide was shouting at me, “CAST”! “CAST”! Por Dios “CAST”! I could not cast more than 10 feet away! My rod felt like it was made out of a broom. “STRIP”! “STRIP”! “STRIP”! STOP. “STRIP”! “STRIP”! The fish was less than 3 feet away from the boat, it looked at us, I saw his eye looking straight into my heart. He saw my soul, my fears, everything, Than in a big splash, he disappeared. My guide, Hercules, wanted to kill me. He had poled the boat for nearly 200 yards so I was able to get that loner. I felt miserable. SInce that day, I’m obsessed. I love Tarpon and I wish I could wathc Silver Kings without having to wait to find it where it can be streamed. I am in love with the Tarpon and this is dope for me! Silver Kings, just wathc the trailer and try to watch the whole serie!