La Dordogne in the Fall, when yo go fishing and that night falls at tea time, that the mornings are cold and foggy, that the campings are closing one after the other. On the roads some wandering turists driving slow. In the valley over the houses or the hamlets, the smoke coming out from the chimneys is staying low and make a pretty grey line, inside the houses  the fireplace is welcoming. The last days of Autumn are filled with the joy of going for the last Graylings of the season that are there, as usual, in that current in the middle of the river, and the sadness that soon, very soon, we’ll have to put away the fishing gear until early Spring. That film tells us all of that, it smells like mushrooms, venisons and wood. So if you are in Dordogne you will pakc your gear in the car and drive to Chez Maryse, where you will have a beer and tell all your fishing stories to everyone. That is how it is when you fly fish in Fall on the Dordogne. A beautifull teaser, we cannot wait to watch the full film!