For your waders, there are to ways of buying them, 1 you can get an expensive pair, very well built that will last several years with no problems and if ever there is one, you will send them to the customers service for repair or change. 2 you get cheap ones and buy another pair when their done. Here we have the second option with the JMC Hydrox ! (they shipp wolrdwide)skyWe tried them this summer as we were shooting a film in the french moutains of Massif Central, land of cows (barbed wires), we crossed thorny bushes, rubbed our bottoms on rocks, all of that with a camera in our hands… this is to say that they are tough enough? They are comfortable (very), wide enough to wear them over a pair of pants if needed, but we wore them with shorts, but also with layers when the water was cold, they have a mlarge front pocket taht flips back behind the chest to stash large boxes and all the gear you need, and they are darn cheap! 180$ what else do you need? When they are ripped, you try to fix them or you buy another pair, but they are surprisingly tough. They come in sage or olive green.