And what about having a mega gift for Xmas? You’ve been working hard all year long, it’s time to have a nice reward. And if it’s not for you, maybe you can split it with others so it becomes cheapper? What we suggset is The Punta Allen Fly Fishing Club, in Ascencion Bay, Mexico. The Permit capital of the world. And why this club more than te other ones? Well, when we look at what we like, the way we like to travel and fish, we beleive it’s the best one. For two reasons: the most important is the guiding, their main guide Juan Briceno is probably the best permit guide we ever fished with, he doesn’t “see” the fish, he “feels them”. Fishing with Juan is worth the trip. juanThe other reason is the hosting, the lodge itself, is not on the shoreline, but a 2 minutes (running, 45 seconds) to the beach, protected from the winds, it’s a real palapa built  with the rooms on the first floor and the dining room, living room, hamocs, on the top floor under the palm roof for a cooler and nicer atmosphere. Now, let’s talk food. The food is awesome! The owners are French and Italian, it’s the best lodge ever regarding the cuisine,  and we are French, so we know what we are talking about, maybe for us it comes before the fishing…bar We love that place, and we go there as much as we can, so should you! And don’t forget, Juan is a beast of guide, and he trained all the others to be awesome guides too! snook

This Spring we shot a 52 minutes documentary for French tv Seasons.