Nice warm days are far ahead, it’s still cold when you have to get out the house and get some wood, and February, the codest month isn’t there yet. So, at Le Mouching, we thought you would like something that will help you get through winter: Carp on the fly! Ho, all the old koots will be horrified, “how can you fish such a slimy thing”! But it’s so much fun, and it is not easy, you have to aim the mouth, not on the side, not to far, just on the lips, that’s where you want your damzel nymph to land, on the mouth! Than once you’re hooked, let the tractor go! And this is only in the lakes, figure out in the river with the currents, a game of skill! It’s the perfect film for you to dream about those hot summer days, where you’re only wearing a teeshirt and shorts. Sweat dreams.