One of the most anoying thing when you are fishing and you have to get in the car to change location and drive for a few miles, is packing the rods! I hate that! They always get tangled, you loose you fly but the worst is that it’s often the time when you are in a hurry or you do’nt pay attention and than you break a rod. I mean a rod if you are lucky, several if it’s a bad day. So that’s when you need the Sumo rod carrier by Rodmounts If a lot of people prefer to buy the Sumo magnet, which works perfectly if you can use the magnet and that you are not going too fast, we tend to prefer the Sumo suction because a lot of cars now have plstique parts or even aluminium for the sport kind, on which you can pray any God you want, your magnet won’t be very helpful, but the suction, yes! And I beleive that a short film is always better than a long explaination. You’ll make your choice later.