This week we are going to review what you need on your fishing vest, if you wear one. Your vest is like you, and we are all different, there is the “Worried” who is going to carry everything he might need, from toilet paper, to all the tippets availables, a thermometer, all the gadgets he can buy from a fly shop (don’t laugh, we all did it at the beginning) and the “Light fisherman”, who probably only has a nippet and a 5X tippet. In between those two, there are all those little things we need, they are compulsory to your fishing gear! Without them, you can’t really fish. Of course that selection is for fresh water. So here’s what you need on your vest to be a real fly fisher!

The Oil! A must if you don’t want to dry your fly for 30 seconds every 2 minutes. There are two schools: natural and artificial, cdc-oilNatural is the famous CDC oil, hard to find a good authentic one, the only one we recommend is the PetitJean CDC oil, and you don’t even have to buy a bottle holder since it comes with a cord easy to attach to a zinger. Than you have the artificial one, the one we use and suggest you get is the Aquel from Loon, but you’ll have to get a bottle holder. aquelThose hydrophobic products will ease your day. BTW, go easy on the cdc feathers, the opposite action might happen if you use to much, your fly will sink!










The Amadou! Same thing, you want to dry your fly, and here we will not even mention the fake synthetic one, because we beleive that real amadou is the real sh*t! Hard to find, you can order it from PetitJean too, dryer-amadouhis is just unbeleivable. One thing, one day I had a Patagonia shirt, and I put my fly on the sleeve while I was looking for my amadou, when I picked it up, my fly was dry! So check, you might have a fly dryer with you for free. (I know some people use drying powder, it’s too much of an hassle, you have to carry the powder, lock the fly in the bottle, shake, take it out, blow…I’m already tired).

So here, in one week we recommended you the 5 things you MUST have on your vest. I am sure you are going to find many others to carry with you, but remember, the vest is your friend but it also can be your worst enemy! The more possibility you have to carry things the heavier it’ll get and the less comfortable you’ll be fishing! Our advise “Fish light”! Don’t ever forget Billie Holiday’s song.