The Mission Numéro 9

The Mission, our cousins from South Africa are once again giving us the best! Be ready to travel up and down, to drink beer, shake your booty to the music, eat catfish, burn in the sun, sleep in the cold and jerl off to the brand new gear you can dream of!

Lock the door, get naked, it’s time to read The Mission , the ultimate fly fishing magazine!

African Pike!african-pike

Beers & Krafts: a drink and good vibes! (just click on the songs once you’re ontheir page).beer&beats

Bassas Da India : ready to go?  rite-of-bassas

Deep Purple…tatata…deep-purple

Portrait of a guide : Russel de la Harpe ! high-5s

Yellowfish from Orange riverorange-free-state

Oman’s Permit

The Jurassik, yes, the famous one.jurassik

The Salad Bar: just pick what you want, it’s shopping time!salad-bar

Show me your rod? Test that! cause-effects

Let’s go to Sibéria with Keith Rose-Inneschar-grilledKFC : choose your sauce! kfc

Shall we go? destinations

Tie that foam! beetles

Vet : Guy Fergusonvetera

That’s it, it’s over, get out and play now!